Monday, April 12, 2010

Goodbye Old Friend

Sunday morning someone finally purchased my 2000 Suzuki Bandit GSF600S. They were only the second person to come look at it, even though I've been listing it off and on for several months. I took a break from listing during the winter months since I didn't want anyone to come out and take a test ride in the rain (leaving me to clean it up again) and because not many people are in the market at that time, but this is a great demonstration of the fact that people are still not buying many toys with their money. I've sold a lot of motorcycles in the past and it has never taken me more than a week to make a deal with a buyer.

Before the interested buyer came out, I pulled the motorcycle out and started it up for a bit. It was nice outside so I took it for a ride to make sure it was sufficiently warmed up and the battery was charged enough for them to take a pleasant test ride. I'm going to miss the way that the Bandit handled, taking it out for the last ride reminded me how smooth and zippy the engine was when it was wound up to 9000 rpm.

The V-Star is certainly no comparison in that department, but it's considerably more comfortable, so it works much better for the distance trips and pleasure cruising I do more frequently these days.

I'll miss this motorcycle occasionally, but I'm glad to have yet another thing off of my very full to-do list.

Another person came by Sunday afternoon to look at the F-150. He was interested, but wants to tow a 3500lb sailboat, which the engine and transmission can haul, but the bumper hitch cannot. He indicated that he would look into hitches and get back to me today, I'll see if that goes anywhere or not.

Amidst all of this, I managed to till in the new plot for my garden. I had to remove a lot of large rocks left by the county when they were putting in their drain field for the storm drain system. I assume they used it to drive their heavy machinery over when they were working on it, otherwise they just dumped the extra rocks they had after completing the drain. In either case it was definitely annoying to dig them all out, but at least it is something I only have to do once.

I didn't plant any seeds yet, last year I planted on the last weekend in April, and it looks as though I will do the same this year. It seems like it will be warm enough to plant now, but I'll be too busy to do it any sooner. I look forward to an expanded crop this year and taking advantage of better sunlight.

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