Saturday, October 22, 2005

Clearing Things Up - 10/22/2005

OK, let's think about what happened last night and remember the real story.

The Maple Leaf: A trashy bar that consists of mostly older people. It's a quiet place with nice people and x rated pictures all over the bathroom walls. The floors are spongy and uneven in a funny sort of way. One end of the pool table comes up to just above my knee, the other, is up to your chest.

Lenny: Man at the maple leaf, one of those people that you like instantly because they are just so forward and pleasant. Not to mention that he plays a very graceful game of pool, he's not the best player I've ever seen, he just never makes terrible power shots that send balls flying everywhere.

Rainier beer: One pitcher for three people, combined with the graceful games of pool and other friendly people. This was a good idea. Went home, dropped off the car and went to another bar.

Amirato's airshow bar and grill: A fairly nice bar with no apparent floor problems at all. Airplane engines and parts are scattered all around, and most of the people there are pretty nice, but they aren't that good at pool.

Mack and Jack's: Two pitchers of Mack and Jacks between three people. Combined with bad pool players attempt to act good. This was also a bad idea. Our friend drove us home from the red apple (it's only two blocks).

My house: A place with yellow walls, wood floors and nice, comfortable leather couches; one of my most favorite places to be.

Old English HG 800: HG stands for High Gravity; interestingly enough, gravity feels like spinning, two forty ounce bottles of old English HG 800 for two people. There is only one purpose in this type of alcohol, unfortunately, nobody can be told what the purpose is, they have to experience it for themselves.

This is where everything went wrong.

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