Saturday, October 15, 2005

Long Ride - 10/15/2005

My friend was up to visit from California for a couple days and he left today. So Nick and I decided to ride out to HWY 101 with him and see him off. It poured rain. It wasn't so bad for me because I have a foul weather suit, but Nick kind've got frostbite on his fingers. I loaned him my foul weather gloves long enough for us to stop by a place and get him some cheap ski gloves.

We stopped at the red apple in Shelton and some kids on bikes asked us to do wheelies when we left. I told them that only people who want to die to wheelies. They were loud and annoying children, the only thing more annoying than them at the time, was the fact that I know lots of dumb riders do wheelies for young kids because they ask them to (I get asked all the time) and the kids think it's the coolest thing, never realizing that the rider is probably going to end up dead on the freeway (and if not, they deserve to). My fellow riders dissapoint me in their stupidity, but this is nothing new. Either way, the red apple had no gloves, so we went to the Wal-mart and rode home through Union and Belfair.

The road through union is one of the best rides in the state. It was miles of marsh-lands, then miles of waterfront on the south end of hood canal. It was a beautiful ride home, very much out of our way though, considering it added about 20 minutes to our ride back.

It was a good way to spend most of my day. I came back and started doing some more repairs on my motorcycle. I replaced the starter cover and changed the oil (You have to change the oil when replacing the starter cover). No more nasty scratches from being backed over on the starter cover. Soon enough the bike will have no more damage from the incident. Just waiting on some backordered body parts to arrive. Once that was done, I came in and shared a beer with the cat.

Kitty Cow loves beer.

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