Thursday, October 27, 2005

Motorcycles Are Cool - 10/27/2005

I put my motorcycle back together with it's new tires, chain and sprockets on Saturday. I rode it around a little and it is like a new motorcycle, at least it feels that way.

The last body part will arrive sometime this week, at which point I make the motorcycle look as good as it was before, maybe even a little bit better..... Then I finished reading the ultimate hitchiker's guide.

Sunday I went to rocky brook falls, ate dinner in port townsend and went home to watch scary movie 3 again, it just never gets less funny.

I've officially decided that things used to be cooler when you could live on some land somewhere and just had to worry about living.

I've also officially decided that we should either require all voters to take a pop-quiz on the voter's pamphlet before allowing them to vote OR we should ban all people who watch TV from voting. The reality of this is that it doesn't even have to be true, just that if you payed for a TV ad telling people that they could not vote, most of them wouldn't vote because they saw it on TV.

Another alternative would be to ban campaigning all-together. All campaign signs, posters, TV or radio ads should be disallowed. They allow people to make un-informed decisions because they saw something about it once and decided to vote about it.

Meanwhile, I'm continuing my grassroots movement to decrease voter attendance. I've commissioned several people to convince two other people not to vote. If everyone convinces two people not to vote, then we will get rid of most of the voters. The logic is simple: You can barely run your own life, don't try to run everyone else's.

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